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From Goodreads to BookLikes


When Amazon first bought Goodreads, I was so scared about what would happen that I moved my booklist to Booklikes and Librarything. I did decide to stay on Goodreads though. However, I forgot to sync to my Goodreads account. 


Now after the incident with Goodreads deleting people's reviews and shelves without notification, I realized that this was only the beginning. I think the site will be making more changes in the future, and I don't think it will make many people on Goodreads very happy. I believe people will continue to leave in search of alternative book cataloguing sites. I don't blame them at all. 


I had to re-upload my booklist again and sync my Goodreads account as well. Hopefully everything gets updated. My shelves didn't appear on Booklikes, so I'm hoping they will move to this site now. 


I will continue to stay on Goodreads, but I fear for the future of the site.